Manzanita Meadow

The clients for the Manzanita Meadow Residence had fallen in love with the character and aesthetics of the iconic Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood that was built by the WPA in 1938. Qualities that were translated from the Timberline Lodge to the Manzanita Meadow Residence included the use of a heavy timber structure, a substantial stone base and fireplace, integration with the surrounding landscape, daylighting, and the capture of distant views.

The floor plan of Manzanita Meadow is elongated in the east to west direction to optimize views of the ocean to the south. The design has been set on the south edge of the meadow’s hillside enabling the entry level to be barrier-free and with the lower-level sharing in the views to the coastline. Three covered patios and an outdoor firepit facilitate connection with the outdoors for the nature-loving couple.

The stone selected for the exterior walls of the home was utilized for retaining walls in the landscape around the home, contributing to the home’s integration with the landscape. Planting plans for the home’s landscape are intended to be minimized to reflect the current character of the meadow. Trees were avoided to preserve views of the ocean from homes to the north of the Manzanita Meadow Residence.