Fairsing Winery Tasting Room

Fairsing Winery’s tasting environment was designed to celebrate the Irish heritage of the winery’s owners. Aligned to a seven-circuit circular labyrinth, the tasting room’s radial design acknowledges the labyrinth’s important historical mysticism and spirituality. The “Golden Ratio” was referenced for the labyrinth, the external curvature of the building and the ceiling curvature.

The structure’s concrete walls reflect the ancient stone dwellings tucked into the emerald hills of Ireland. The wood for the board-formed concrete exterior walls was re-purposed to create the interior cabinetry. A sod roof serves as both an “earthy” aesthetic and an environmental feature that provides stormwater management and temperature control.

360 degree views take in the mountains of the Cascade Range to the east, the vineyards and Coast Range to the west and the Van Duzer Corridor to the south. The labyrinth and complimentary structure invite visitors to experience exemplary wines in a stunning setting.